Editorializing Archive

Editorializing 64: Past Perfect

Flash Card: Remembrance of Things Past
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Goodbye Cruel World Edition)

Editorializing 63: Wiki Wonderland

Nonprofit Branding: What I Learned From Wikipedia
Round and Shiny: "High" Alert
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Can't Get Much Verse Edition)

Editorializing 62: Pumpkin on Your Palate

Flash Card: Making Homophones More Palatable
(Also in this issue: EE's My Favorite Tagline Contest: We Have a Winner; Not Our Clients: Truth in Advertising Edition)

Editorializing 61: This Issue's for YOU

The My Favorite Tagline Contest: Time to Vote
Red Pen Diaries: Emphatically Yours
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Legitimately Agape Edition)

Editorializing 60: Heavy Metal Blunder

Flash Card: Lead, Led and Led Zeppelin
(Also in this issue: EE Presents the "My Favorite Tagline" Contest; Not Our Clients: Re-Route 66 Edition)

Editorializing 59: Angle on the Dangle

Flash Card: Please Refrain From Dangling
Round and Shiny: Andy Vaughan Finds the Song
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Chamber of Horrors Edition

Editorializing 58: Bio-a-Go-Go

Why You Need a Rock-Star Bio
Copy We Like: Groupon's Gift of Gab
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Driving on Fumes Edition)

Editorializing 57: We Imply, You Infer

Flash Card: Infernal Implications
TWIG Touch Dictionary: Interactivity Re-Defined
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: War on Drugs Edition)

Editorializing 56: Pssst — Need a Newsletter?

Finding Contentment in Content Marketing
Round and Shiny: Art Lovers
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: You're So Vain Edition)

Editorializing 55: Who Loves You, Baby?

Flash Card: Who Did What to Whom?
Copy We Like: A Voice in the Wilderness
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Leaning Toward "No" Edition)

Editorializing 54: No Lack of Affect

Flash Card: The Elephant Effect
Round and Shiny: On, Blitzen
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: The Country, Not the Bird, Edition)

Editorializing 53: An Engaging Issue

Social Studies: Online Marketing With Lisa Jenkins
Flash Card: Setting a Few Parameters
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Garden-Fresh Edition)

Editorializing 52: Let's Go, Proofreading!

Score One for the Apostrophe
Musings: Step Into the Analogosphere
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: World's Longest Movie Edition)

Editorializing 51: 800-Pound Gorillas

Why Spotify Hits the Spot
Proof Positive: Spelling Mistakes Cost You Money
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Rise of the Marketing of the Planet of the Apes Edition)

Editorializing 50: Hanging on the Telephone

Is This Call Really Necessary?
Red Pen Diaries: The Alot Must Be Stopped
Copy We Like: And Step on It!
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Corked Edition)

Editorializing 49: Time of No Reply

"Poor" Is a Four-Letter Word
Reply All: E-Mail's Third Rail?
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Homogenized of the Brave Edition)

Editorializing 48: And, Per Se, Us

Flash Card: Amped on Ampersands
(Also in this issue: EE has moved; Round and Shiny: Dengue Fever's "Cannibal" Feast; Not Our Clients: Sitting Bull Edition)

Editorializing 47: Doing the Robot

Red Pen Diaries: Animate Antecedents — Or ARE They?
We Now Bring You an Urgent Tone Alert
(Also in this issue: Round and Shiny: Libby Lavella, Writ Largo; Not Our Clients: Crash Course Edition)

Editorializing 46: Pronoun Pronouncements

Red Pen Diaries: Hello, It's Me
Round and Shiny: Ferry Christmas
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: That's Not Right Edition)

Editorializing 45: Capitalization Phase

Red Pen Diaries: Das Kapitalization
Round and Shiny: Treasure Troves From Bowie and Tull
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Baby, You Can't Spell My Car Edition)

Editorializing 44: Copy at Large

Brand-Aid: Roasting the Competition
Editorial Emergency, Live in Concert
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Come All Ye Faithful Edition)

Editorializing 43: Back to School With a Dirty Song

Viral's Not Easy, We Swear
Flashcard: Me Tarzan, You Gaga
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: System of a D'oh! Edition)

Editorializing 42: The Most Interesting Brand in the World

The Most Interesting Brand in the World
Words We Loathe: Webinar Schmebinar
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Classical Gas Edition)

Editorializing 41:Metaphors of Hauntedness Blues

Talkin' Museum-Talk Blues
Round and Shiny: A Horror Spoof You Just Might Dig
(Also in this issue: Befriendship: Birth of a Meme?; Not Our Clients: World Cup Runneth Over Edition)

Editorializing 40:Moby Dictionary

How Melville Won the Content Wars
Flashcard: Mrs. Malaprop Lives!
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Endearingly Enduring Edition)

Editorializing 39: Blame It on Vegas

Red Pen Diaries: A Dash of Drama
Round and Shiny: Norway the Hard Way
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: "Daisy, Daisyyyyy ... " Edition)

Editorializing 38: Debate Club

Argument Clinic: Seven Deadly Fallacies
(Also in this issue: Ben Zimmer Hits the Big Time; Not Our Clients: Frog in Our Throat Edition)

Editorializing 37: Red-Letter Day

Nonprofit Branding 2: Put Your Stamp on It
Round and Shiny: Broadway Stew
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Echo Chamber Edition)

Editorializing 36: Amping Up Nonprofits

Rock-Star Branding for Nonprofits
How I Almost Got Mugged on Facebook
(Also in this issue: Seeing Haiti and Round and Shiny: Marquee Edition)

Editorializing 35: Robot's Holiday

Autoresponders: Not the Boss of You
Round and Shiny: A "Green" Gift Idea
(Also in this issue: Thanks for Reading Our Newsletter and Round and Shiny: Poe-Faced Edition)

Editorializing 34: Linguistic Insolvency

Red Pen Diaries: The Solutions Problem
(Also in this issue: Of Feasts and Famine; Round and Shiny: Oh Darling Brings the Bounce; and Not Our Clients: Off-the-Menu Edition)

Editorializing 33: Fun-Size Issue

(In this issue: Monster Brands: Mercifully Deathless; Fear Has a New Name: "Headlock"; Don't Get Smart 2: Taking the Stand; The Doo-Dah Parade; and Round and Shiny: Lost Marbles Edition)

Editorializing 32: A Tweet of Evil

Tweeting the End Times: Supernatural Branding
Don't Get Smart
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Custermer Service Edition and more)

Editorializing 31: Pour Some Sugar on Me

Wine Words: The Terroirists Win
The Cupcakes and the Copywriter
Round and Shiny: Good and Dark
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Copywriting While Sloshed Edition and more)

Editorializing 30: This Time It's Personal

The Resume as Personal Branding
Red Pen Diaries: Semicolons — Not Just for Winking
Round and Shiny: "801 Live" Lives
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Pita Pity Party Edition and more)


Editorializing 29: Hear Us Roar

How to Write Copy: Step 1, Be a Woman
The Big Picture: Writing With Perspective
Round and Shiny: Something Old, Something Bleu
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: You Get What You Pay For Edition and more)

Editorializing 28: Just the Flacks, Ma'am

More Than 15 Minutes With Howard Bragman
The Ups and Downs of PR
PR Editorial: 5 DOs, 5 DON'Ts
Round and Shiny: Leatherbag's Got "Everything"
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Intrusive Events Edition and more)

Editorializing 27: It Came From Planet Editorial

Semper Sci Fi
Red Pen Diaries: "Impactful" — Ew
Round & Shiny: Saucer Eyes
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Mad Speller's Tea Party Edition and more)

Editorializing 26: Ice the Splice

Red Pen Diaries: Zero Tolerance for Comma Splices
To Market, To Market: The Power of Small
Round & Shiny: "Basement" Tapes
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Mistakes in Marble Edition and more)

Editorializing 25: The Business of Friending

Social Studies: Facebooking for Fun and Profit
Rant(ene): In a Lather Over Tangled Copy
Tell Us: About Your House Style
Round and Shiny: Eleni Mandell's "Artificial" Flavor
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: New "Millenium" Edition and more)

Editorializing 24: The Scoop
on Customer Service

What I Learned From the Frozen-Yogurt Shop
Red Pen Diaries: I Give a F*&# About the Oxford Comma
Dig Communications: PR Firm Makes Dreams Come True
Round and Shiny: The Prog You've Been Praying For
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Incoherent Awards Edition and more)

Editorializing 23: Stickler's Holiday

Nonprofits and Us
The iPod, the Virgin Mary and Thou
Constant Comment and Phil
Haikus and You
Round and Shiny: Returntable
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Bullet Points Edition and more)

Editorializing 22: Bubble-Gum Pride

Wish We'd Written That: Something to Chew On
Red Pen Diaries: Exclamation Nation
The Readers Speak: 46% Want It Weekly
Round and Shiny: The 88 Gives It Away
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Less Thankful Edition and more)

Editorializing 21: Vocab Lab of Horror

Vocab Lab: Color Me Nonplussed
Polling Place: How Often Do You Want It?
Round and Shiny: Haunted DVD Edition
(Also in this issue: The Fruitcake Files: Final Report, Not Our Clients: Sign of Fear Edition and more)

Editorializing 20: Thumbs Up

The Gospel According to Don Draper
Text Messaging for the Testy
The Fruitcake Files: You Voted, We Tallied
(Also in this issue: We Salute You, Silent Majority, Not Our Clients: Cold Soup Aftermath Edition and more)

Editorializing 19: Myself Help

Vocab Lab: The Myself Generation
Market Research: Their Name Is Dude
The Fruitcake Files: Readers Respond
Round & Shiny: The Audacity of Opera (East Village Opera Company)
(Also in this issue: Not Our Clients: Knitwits Edition, We Were Wrong: Variations on a Theme and more)

Editorializing 18: Blood and Guts

Full-Blooded Copy
(Also in this issue: You Coin It: Spam Substitutes, Inner Beauty: Why We Heart I Heart Guts and more)


Editorializing 17: Get Your Assonance in Gear

Vocab Lab: If Left to My Own Poetic Devices ...
Round and Shiny: Lightning Round (Fratellis, Passing Strange, Aimee Mann, Weezer)
(Also in this issue: A Few Words About a Few Words, EE at Comic-Con: A New Beginning and more)

Editorializing 16: Jive Talkin'

Dear Marketing Opportunist
This Is (and Was) Jethro Tull
(Also in this issue: "When Spell-Check Attacks 2: The Cupertino Effect" and more)

Editorializing 15: When Spell-Check Attacks!

The Thin Red (Squiggly) Line
Proofreading Confidential (Q&A with Susan O'Brien)
(Also in this issue: "Weather Shoes, Silver Lake: Readers Weigh In," "Blowing Our Own Horn" and more)

Editorializing 14: Forging Ahead

Prostate With Grief (malapropisms)
(Also in this issue: "The Blacksmith and the Wordsmith," "Copywriting vs. Copyrighting" and more)

Editorializing 13: Unleashed

The Copywriter Whisperer
(Also in this issue: "Red-Pen Pointer: She Literally Misused the Word,"
"Hyphen Follow-Up" and more)

Editorializing 12: Fear Not

Fear-Based Branding: Don't Let It Happen to YOU
(Also in this issue: "Red-Pen Pointer: Hyphens Got Ya Down?,"
"Round & Shiny: Merritts a Listen" and more)

Editorializing 11: Thinking Outside the In-Box

From the Editors: Top of Mind
Newsletter Roundup: Reds, Robots and Readability Image
Interesting People: Michael Katz, The E-Newsletter Guy
Round and Shiny: There's Meat on Them Bones


Editorializing 10: Hustle and Cash Flow

From the Editors: BizDevCon '07
Lightbulb Moment: Daddy Was an Entrepreneur
Taking the Plunge: The Entrepreneurial Spirit
Interesting People: Free Your Shirts and Your Mind Will Follow
Getting in Gear: IT Guy Tells All
Round & Shiny: Carnival Songs


Editorializing 9: Better Branding Through Language

From the Editors: An Intoxicating Issue
The Red Pen Diaries: Branding: An Introduction
The Pitch: Politics, Branding and You
Interesting People: Classic Rock Branding: Jeff Jampol and The Doors
Flashcard: Branding: A Definition
Guest Column: Candy Is Dandy, But Branding's Outstanding
Vocab Lab: Big Words
The Brand Played On: L.E.O.


Editorializing 8: Sweet Charity

From the Editors: Reading and Righting
Textual Healing: Rock for Reading: Literacy's Amplifier
Dot Org: Our Favorite Do-Gooders
Lightbulb Moment: Mama Was a Volunteer
A World of Good: Of Volunteers and Volcanoes: Johnne Perez
Guest Column: To Bee or Not to Bee?
Round & Shiny: Grooves, Mashed and Unmatched

Editorializing 7: All Dogs Go to Heaven

From the Editors: A Fetching Collection
Interesting People (& Animals): Patrick Tarpey: Dogs Are Perfect
The Red Pen Diaries: All Bark and No Bite: How to Say Nothing With a Lot of Words
Guest Spot: Me & My Wieners, by Joanna Rubiner
Interesting People: Richard Jenkins, EE's SEO Sweetheart
Flashcard: Doggie Fun Facts
Round & Shiny: Choose Wisely, and Other Recommendations


Editorializing 6: The Undiscovered Country

From the Editors: The Year of Editing Dangerously
The Red Pen Diaries: The Zen of Editing
Vocab Lab: "Said Words," She Ventured
Flashcard: Suffering From Homophonia? Part 3 (peek, peak and pique; principle and principal; shudder and shutter)
Round & Shiny: Monster Gift Edition, Part 2 (T. Rex, Monk/Coltrane, Bill Withers, King Kong '33, Mill of the Stone Women)

Editorializing 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

From the Editors: We Can't Stop Eating Candy
Flashcard: Suffering From Homophonia? Part 2 (there, their and they're)
From the Couchplex: Haunted Housewares (The Legend of Hell House, House on Haunted Hill, The Uninvited, The Haunting, Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2)
Round & Shiny: Monster Gift Edition, Part 1 (The Band, Cream, Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia, Yes, Frank Zappa, Children of Nuggets, The 88, Devo, The Zen of Screaming)

Editorializing 4: Citizens on Patrol

From the Editors: Back-to-School Special
The Red Pen Diaries: I Heart My Thesaurus
The Essay Question: The SAT Learns How to Write
Flashcard: Suffering From Homophonia? (you're and your)
Guest Column: Hardcore Dancing: Satan's Two-Step or Mosh Potato?
Field Trip: The Birthday Surprise: An Introduction
Round & Shiny: "Waters" Still Runs Deep ("Aguas de MarÁo"/"Waters of March")
Round & Shiny: Click and Pop (The Click Five)

Editorializing 3: The Search for Spock

From the Editors: Weath and Propserity
The Red Pen Diaries: Transitive and Intransitive Verbs Revealed
Flashcard: No Need to Go Postal, People
Interesting People: From Eavesdropper to "Info Product Guy"
Field Trip: Tinkertown and Environs
Round & Shiny: Shouting in the Forest: The New Swedish Rock (Shout Out Louds, Dungen)
Round & Shiny: Steal Your Face Right Off Your Head (Eyes Without a Face DVD)
Favorite Songs: Roky's Road (Roky Erickson)

Editorializing 2: Electric Boogaloo

From the Editors
Law & Order: Editorial Victims Unit
The Red Pen Diaries: Don't Fear the Stickler
Guest Column: A Few Words From Coach Kristen
Flashcard: Essential and Nonessential Phrases Got Ya Down?
From the Couchplex: "The L Word": How I Love to Loathe It
Favorite Songs: Garbage In (Garbage)
Round & Shiny: Warm-Weather Music (High Speed Scene)


100% Positive Feedback
The Red Pen Diaries: Stickler's Fury
Flashcard: Its/It's Confusion: Don't Be Its Next Victim
The Top Five Things You'd Rather Do Than Write Your Business Materials
From the Couchplex: "His Art Is Death" (Man on Fire, Kill Bill Vols. 1 and 2)
Favorite Songs: A Real "Alternative" (Brendan Benson)
Favorite Songs: Warrior Two (Cindy Alexander)
Round & Shiny: Saving Soul (Solomon Burke)
Round & Shiny: A Paler Shade of Wight (Jethro Tull)