Image"I'm drunk and thinking about grammar."

So begins an e-mail from one of our loyal readers. Don't misunderstand — we at Editorial Emergency do not recommend mixing grammar and alcohol. But, in the words of a recently ejected government official, stuff happens. For this particular correspondent, a tipsy moment inspired a remarkably cogent observation: "I suddenly thought: I haven't received a newsletter from Editorial Emergency in a good long while. When was the last time you sent one out?"

Let us answer soberly: It's been a while. By way of explanation, EE has been busier than ever, crafting blurbs for businesses, Web copy for widget-makers, newsletters for nonprofits, marketing materials for musicians and even press releases for protesters. But we were bound and determined to send you this latest, jam-packed edition of Editorializing before Thanksgiving.

Here it is: The Branding Issue. You'll read about the basis of branding in language, the cultivation of a decades-old entertainment brand, political branding, candy brands and a remembrance of personal branding, among other brand new, brand-tastic developments. It's a regular brand-a-palooza! While you're here, stop by the Not Our Clients lounge for a fresh round of editorial errors — were these people drunk? — including this gaffe from TV coverage of the midterm election:

One day you're on top; the next, they don't even spell your party's name right.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for helping EE grow. It's a pleasure to collaborate with you on the language that defines and advances your brand.

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And please, enjoy this issue of Editorializing responsibly.

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