ImageHas it really been a month since we last corresponded? Whether it seems like only yesterday or a veritable dog's age, the fact remains, Editorializing visits but once a month, and we hope that feels about right. Still ...

I subscribe to a wonderful Web-based entity that sends me a weekly newsletter, which I enjoy very much. But a while back they started sending me a daily e-mail on top of my weekly e-mail.  I didn't sign up for this daily e-mail, nor have I figured out how to unsubscribe from it AT ALL, let alone without disrupting my welcome, weekly e-mail. (Insult to injury: When I dropped the webmaster a note about this, an autoresponder told me I'd receive a response from an actual person within 48 hours. I'm still waiting.) Naturally, I've begun to associate my annoyance at these daily e-mails with the organization that sends them, which I imagine is not its marketing strategy. I'm on the verge of canceling my subscription altogether.

I understand that the fault here is not necessarily in the daily communication but in the failure to inform me that I'd henceforth be getting daily communications and to offer me an opportunity to opt out of said daily communications. After all, DailyCandy's 2.6 million subscribers clearly knew what they were getting themselves into and surely crave this frequency (I suspect the e-outpost lately vexing me with its prodigious e-mail flow is operating on the DailyCandy model).

But, for the sake of argument, let's say you subscribe to a website that purports to send you regular e-mails but doesn't specify how often (let's also assume this content is worthy of your attention). How often is too often? Are you okay with daily? What about 2-3 times a week? Is even weekly too much? Every two weeks? Or would you prefer to hear from this online outfit strictly on a monthly basis? Would quarterly suffice? How about never — is never good for you? In short, dear readers, WDYT? We cordially invite you to take the Editorializing How Often Do You Want It Poll, the results of which will be presented in our November issue.

How Often Do You Want It?
2-3 times per week