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Issue 25 (Feb. 27, 2009): The Business of Friending

As February gives way to March, we turn our attention to, well, that thing we're constantly turning our attention to: Facebook. We ask the musical question "Is there gold in them thar status updates?" Which isn't to say we aren't concerned with shameful shampoo-bottle copy (our guest contributor decries "rebellious damage"); your house style (no, not your fabulous salvaged sconces); the smoldering charms of singer-songwriter Eleni Mandell; and the ever-addictive buffoonery of Not Our Clients. Scroll on, friends.

Social Studies: Facebooking for Fun and Profit

ImageI've got a Facebook account. And a MySpace account, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn account, a Biznik account and some others I forgot about mere minutes after registering. Facebook has proven the most involving of late, what with virtually every person I've ever known signing up and offering me a chance to see how their careers have turned out, how gracefully they've aged and how gorgeous their children are (a surprising number have done well on all counts, I'm pleased to say).

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Rant(ene): In a Lather Over Tangled Copy

Image The aforementioned Josh Levine (see "Social Studies") preaches the gospel of the four Cs of effective grassroots marketing: customer, community, content, contribution. Here in the copywriting corner of that cosmos, we've got three Cs of our own: clear, concise and compelling. Following is a cautionary tale about the first courtesy of EE friend Joanna Miller.

I was in the shower the other morning, my brain and body moving more sluggishly than usual. After realizing I was due for a hair-washing, I picked up my bottle of Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Frizz Control shampoo.

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Tell Us: About Your House Style

ImageNOTE: This item is not about interior design, though for the curious, we loves us some mid-century modern up here at Editorial Emergency HQ. If you're trying to unload an Eames lounge chair and ottoman (Santos Palisander finish preferred), by all means let us know.

One of the reasons we're so in love with our readers is that we can post a piece about the Oxford comma and actually get responses. For example, Tricia, from San Francisco, said: "I love the Oxford comma but the company I recently joined adheres to the AP guidelines, so they keep editing it out. And I continue to sneak it back in wherever possible." Angeleno Kristen, on the other hand, commented: "I'm sorry to report that I have no use for the Oxford comma. I think the conjunction can (and should) stand alone. Can we still be friends?" Needless to say, she is now dead to us.

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Round and Shiny: Eleni Mandell's "Artificial" Flavor

ImageIdentified with Los Angeles' Silver Lake scene, singer-songwriter Eleni Mandell certainly radiates the kind of hipster smarts associated with the neighborhood.

She's a canny tunesmith with the dead-sexy voice of a cabaret chanteuse who could easily remain a big fish in that small pond, casting her spell over the worshipful habitués of clubland indefinitely. But given the musical scope of her new disc, "Artificial Fire," it appears she's going after bigger game.

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Not Our Clients: New "Millenium" Edition

Way back in 2005, when the notorious Not Our Clients gallery first opened its doors, we featured a sign labeling a shop near EE's offices that misspelled "Millennium."


Here we are in 2009 and so much has changed: A vigorous new administration presides in Washington; a blood-curdling economic downturn crushes everything in its path; a baffling trend of origami napkins appended to starlets' red-carpet frocks shows no signs of abating. Oh, and that little shop got a brand new sign.


Unfortunately, they still spelled their name wrong.

Have you got the stomach to view the rest of this month's publicly posted mistakes? If so, head on over to NOC and enjoy. Got pictorial proof of language-mangling, grammar-hammering or syntax sins? Don't hesitate — e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .'; document.write( '' ); document.write( addy_text83616 ); document.write( '<\/a>' ); //--> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  If we see fit to hang your horror, we'll send you an iTunes gift certificate for your trouble.


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