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#37 (February 26, 2010): Red-Letter Day

Dear Reader,

It's been a bumper crop of a month. We've welcomed a slew of new clients and projects (touting everything from rock concerts to credit unions), enjoyed two weekend jaunts to the snowy mountains, tasted our first bacon flight (long overdue), seen the season's first daffodils, and had a band play in our living room. Oh, and we worked on this month's issue, which underscores the value of old-fashioned, newsy correspondence. It also sings the praises of Passing Strange and logs the latest lamentable lapses in Not Our Clients. Please write back and tell us what you think.


Nonprofit Branding 2: Put Your Stamp on It

ImageNot feeling my rock-star approach to nonprofit communications? That's okay. After all, even Mick Jagger was once Michael Jagger, son of Basil Fanshawe "Joe" Jagger and Eva Ensley Mary Scutts Jagger and older brother of Chris Jagger. And who knows? There may have been a Christmas when Eva sent season's greetings to family and friends with such news as, "Michael's doing well at Wentworth Primary School and continues to enjoy singing in the church choir."

Perhaps we're not all cut out to be rock stars, but we ARE all members of families and frequently children of mothers who like to report on our goings-on in annual holiday letters. Which brings us to the question "What can nonprofits learn from Christmas letters?"

Read the rest here.

Round and Shiny: Broadway Stew

ImageThe stage musicalís had it pretty rough over the past few decades. After the glory days of the í50s and early í60s (you know, Oklahoma, The Music Man, West Side Story, Fiddler), the form — with a few vibrant exceptions — got lost in Schlockville. In recent years itís become increasingly dire, its biggest hits little more than random spectacles cobbled together from pop playlists, when theyíre not slapdash stage adaptations of lightweight films.

Which is part of what makes Passing Strange, recently issued on DVD, such a staggering achievement.

Read the rest here.

Not Our Clients: Echo Chamber Edition

The best entries in the dunderhead derby known as Not Our Clients work on multiple levels. The one below achieves that handily. But this echoing error reaches yet another level of ridiculousness when you realize it's been committed by a printer.

It may not be sustainable, but you can hear it clear across the canyon.

Once again, we thank Editorializing pals Wendy Bryan and Codi Lazar for causing this reverberation in the halls of Not Our Clients.

Is a similar outrage echoing in your brain? You'll feel better if you share it with us. If we post it, we'll send an iTunes gift card your way; may we suggest using it to download Echo and the Bunnymen?


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