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#46 (December 22, 2010): Pronoun Pronouncements

With 2010 drawing to a close, we offer some editorial sustenance for your holiday delectation. For starters: a loosening of uptight pronoun use. Next: a musical selection sure to put a spring in your yuletide stride. Third course: a fine ham. And for dessert: a crumbled cookie from the Not Our Clients pantry (please accept our snarky caption in lieu of sprinkles). Thanks for reading us this year — we look forward to writing for you in '11.

Red Pen Diaries: Hello, It's Me

ImageMy mother and sister seem to take more pleasure than the average bear in saying things like, "It was he" and "This is she."

Actually, the average bear takes NO pleasure in saying such things because the average bear doesn't say them; the average bear says, "It was him" and "You got 'er."

Yes, my friends, we're now sufficiently comfortable with each other to discuss the sensitive issue of nominative pronouns and linking verbs.

Read the rest here.

Round and Shiny: Ferry Christmas

ImageAlready burning out on the familiar playlist of holiday tunes? Here's a danceable solution: Consider a steamy, cosmopolitan winter soundtrack furnished by the still-dapper frontman of glam-rock pioneers Roxy Music.

Bryan Ferry always seemed a man out of time, gilding his musically adventurous songs with references to arcane dances and golden-age starlets. And though he was known to don the occasional wild get-up, his sartorial compass pointed more toward James Bond than Ziggy Stardust.

This dinner-jacket sensibility has aged quite gracefully; at 65 Ferry looks far more comfortable onstage than do many of his peers (several of whom would be well advised to cut their thinning hair and trade their kimonos for more dignified attire).

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Not Our Clients: That's Not Right Edition

Advertising for the cheapest available writers is a great way to pay next to nothing for lousy work. Then again, the person who placed this ad might not know the difference.

With Elance, you get what you pay for.

One thing's for sure: As throngs of self-hating, bargain-brand scribblers vie to pen pitiful prose for clueless clients, we'll have plenty of material for this segment in 2011 and beyond. Seen a written wrong that needs righting? This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it If we place it in the Not Our Clients un-classifieds, you'll receive an iTunes gift card, which you can redeem for stellar songwriting like "Want Ads," "The Letter" or "Word Up."


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