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#51 (Aug. 10, 2011): 800-Pound Gorillas

In this issue we beat the summer heat by wading in the Spotify stream; reckon the cost to business of spelling mistakes and other errors; and devolve into the hairy realm of Not Our Clients. Join us, won't you?

Why Spotify Hits the Spot

ImageI spent a few years around the turn of the millennium on the technology beat for a music-biz trade magazine. During that time, as visionary theorists dreamed of a frictionless "celestial jukebox," I saw a lot of gizmos and applications come and go.

But every once in a while something emerged that genuinely looked like a game-changer. I was the first journalist to correctly predict that Apple's pending mystery product, a subject of crazed speculation, would be a thing called the iPod (yes, I had a source). And its unveiling made clear that Cupertino was poised to transform the way people consume music.

But what, since then, has changed the game?

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Proof Positive: Spelling Mistakes Cost You Money

ImageI've long longed for hard evidence that spelling errors — not to mention crimes against grammar, syntactical atrocities, malapropisms and the rest (R.I.P. Sherwood Schwartz) — do more than just offend. I've habitually hazarded, "If only I had incontrovertible corroboration that misspellings impugn the credibility of whatever product or service you're offering and thus ultimately result in lost sales."

Finally, from across the pond, proof: an article entitled "Spelling Mistakes 'Cost Millions' in Lost Online Sales."

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Not Our Clients: Rise of the Marketing
of the Planet of the Apes Edition

We've been hearing about guerrilla marketing for some time. This, however, is something new.

But after that they're going right back to the zoo. (Thanks to Lisa Jenkins for releasing this one.)

Between us primates, somebody's unclear on the concept. Have you seen a gaffe that makes you question your faith in evolution? This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it If we add it to the Not Our Clients banana-peel collection, you'll receive an iTunes gift card, which you can redeem for such ditties as "Shock the Monkey," "Apeman" or anything by Mandrill.


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