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#52 (Sept. 30, 2011): Let's Go, Proofreading!

This issue finds us cheering an apostrophe dust-up, marking the debut of our periodic Musings section with a dip into the "analogosphere" and screening a Not Our Clients outtake that's not as long as it seems. Ready? Let's go!

Score One for the Apostrophe

Image"Lets Go!!"

That's what appeared on the recently unveiled Old Navy SuperFan Nation college-football T-shirts. Yes, the second exclamation point is wholly unnecessary, but it's the missing apostrophe that really chaps my hide. And not just mine!

I was pleasantly surprised to see widespread mainstream media coverage of this "incident." And I was even more pleasantly surprised that Old Navy has apologized for and recalled what a spokeswoman referred to as the "faulty" collection.

Read the rest here.

Musings: Step Into the Analogosphere

ImageIn the satirical New Yorker essay "Just in Time for Spring," Ellis Weiner presents the concept of "going outside" to an audience that now lives primarily in the digital world:

GOING OUTSIDE is not a game or a program, not a device or an app, not a protocol or an operating system. Instead, it's a comprehensive experiential mode that lets you perceive and do things firsthand, without any intervening media or technology.

More recently, on the political-humor site The Borowitz Report, a parody piece about preparations for Hurricane Irene suggested a suitably grave official response to connectivity lapses:

Read the rest here.


Not Our Clients: World's Longest Movie Edition

Say what you will about the rising cost of a Netflix subscription: Only there will you find the 11½-hour version of Shutter Island.

Must be the director's cut.

Have you spotted some copy that needs a re-take? This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it If we greenlight it for the mixed-up multiplex known as Not Our Clients, you'll receive an iTunes gift card, redeemable for such cinephile songs as "Celluloid Heroes," "Act Naturally" and "That's Why God Made the Movies."


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