ImageWelcome to 2005's final installment of your friendly neighborhood e-zine. This seasonal issue is stuffed like a stocking with helpful hints, terminological tips, gift-giving guidance and, of course, a Frenchman with a stick.

As Editorial Emergency's first year draws to a close, allow us to thank you, our clients, friends and well-wishers (not to mention faithful readers of this irregular broadside), for making it a smashing success.  We've written and refined thousands of paragraphs, spiffing up the branding messages of corporations, artists, retailers, nonprofits and entrepreneurs, and we'll be sitting by the red telephone to do it again next year.

Enjoy the newsletter, stay healthy, celebrate with loved ones and don't ever hesitate to reach out. In the meantime, we leave you with the capper to a year of spectacular "Not Our Clients" gaffes:


Wherever they are, they're rolling in their graves.

Note that this ad ran in Rolling Stone, which is published by the same company that issued the book. Yet no one at either the publisher nor the mag caught this elemental error. There's just so much work left for us to do. Thanks to eagle-eyed New York writer Andy Schwartz for bringing this one to our attention; our heartfelt gratitude also to inveterate NOC contributors Wendy Bryan and Codi Lazar for sharing a slew of other public boo-boos.