A Monthly Meditation on Branding and Language
From Your Favorite Copy Shop, Editorial Emergency

#63 (December 2012): Wiki Wonderland

In this issue we celebrate a brilliant bit of nonprofit branding, festoon our tree with some glorious power pop and throw a lump of coal at poetic injustice in the latest Not Our Clients. We hope your holidays are free from errors (and full of joy). See ya next year!

Nonprofit Branding: What I Learned From Wikipedia

The extent of my geekery was measured over Thanksgiving vacation when I found myself with some rare and precious time to read. What did I read? The book I'd brought along expressly for this purpose? No. I read Wikipedia.

Yes, I read Wikipedia. Frequently. In fact, I've fallen into daylong Wiki holes. (Take it from me: All roads lead to the Roman Empire).

Thanksgiving saw me perusing the entry on Sherman's March to the Sea, which meant visiting the Battle of Atlanta and revisiting the Siege of Petersburg. I leavened my Civil War scholarship with a dose of Montgomery Clift and a separate entry on his film "Suddenly, Last Summer." Even at the Thanksgiving meal, there was the now-traditional reading of the Wikipedia entry on Turducken.

Read the rest here.

Round and Shiny: "High" Alert

If you're one of those music fans who's decided to go back to bed until dubstep is over, I have good news and bad news. Bad news first: I don't know if dubstep is over yet, and I'm not sure how we'll know when it is.

Here's the good news, particularly if you have admirers of classic-pop virtues on your holiday gift list: Gavin Guss has a new album.



Read the rest here.

Not Our Clients: Couldn't Get Much Verse Edition

Los Angeles has appointed a poet laureate. How cultured! How refined! How ... d'oh!

The poet awaits correction of this headline. Nice welcome, city.

This from our paper of record, the Los Angeles Times, which greets the town's first-ever official minister of The Muse with a decidedly prosaic typo.

You'll be ready to offer a paean to proofreading after peeping the literary lapses in the litany we call Not Our Clients. Have you been incited to haikus of horror by some mangled messaging? This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (blank verse is fine) with the offending item. If we add it to our anthology of the asinine we'll send you an Amazon gift card, redeemable for a magnetic poetry kit, a poetry notebook or a DVD copy of "Dead Poets Society."


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