About Editorial Emergency's Dynamic Duo

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Simon Glickman, copywriter/partner

After earning a B.A. in English from Reed College and a D. Phil. in Literature from Oxford University, Simon taught English Composition at the University of Michigan.

He worked as a freelance writer for a number of years before joining the staff of HITS magazine, where he served as Senior Editor and chief contributor to HITSDailyDouble.com. He and his wife, copywriter Julia Rubiner, launched Editorial Emergency in 2005.

A specialist in generating pithy, clever taglines and pop-culture content (particularly regarding music), the L.A. native is dedicated to crafting content that cuts through the clutter.

Julia Rubiner, copywriter/partner

Julia earned her B.A. in Creative Writing and Literature, a pursuit that found her writing fiction, at which she's no damn good. She is a terrific storyteller, however – as long as the stories are true. Lucky for you, the stories she likes to tell most are about inspired professionals and heroic brands.

The first brand stories Julia told were about Geffen Records and DreamWorks Records and the many gifted artists and executives who passed through their doors during the decade she worked exclusively in the music industry.

As the labels' publicity editor, she wrote artist biographies and press releases about albums; executive biographies and press releases about moving and shaking; and company profiles and press releases about bold signings and clever partnerships.

In 2005 Julia launched Editorial Emergency with her husband, copywriter Simon Glickman, to expand their branding bona fides beyond the recording industry into other areas of entertainment, as well as the lifestyle-marketing and nonprofit-messaging arenas. Not long thereafter, she was asked to write a resume for a colleague. The resume landed that colleague his dream job. Thus Julia added personal branding to Editorial Emergency's business-branding bailiwick.

Since 2009 – when she teamed up with agency recruiter Keva Dine in the Editorial Emergency offshoot Creative Profiles – she's been developing content for and writing resumes, cover letters, social-media profiles, executive bios, website copy and other personal-branding collateral for creative professionals committed to career advancement.

Julia occasionally thinks back to her college fiction-writing days and shudders. She takes comfort in knowing she's found her real calling in telling the amazing true stories of her captivating clients and their wondrous works.

Photo by Jacob Rushing